My classroom approach is collaborative and conversation-based, with an emphasis on active learning. Students in my classes share their own ideas and learn to defend them, work together to solve problems, critically analyze texts, and consider their application to contemporary life.  

Courses at Oxford College of Emory University

PHIL 110: Introduction to Logic

PHIL 115: Introduction to Ethics

PHIL 220: Ancient Greek and Medieval Philosophy

PHIL 282R: Travel Course - Greece and the Rise of Modernity

PHIL 285R: Topics in Philosophy: Philosophy of Sport

PHIL 382R: Topics in Philosophy: Gender and Race 

PHIL 382R: Topics: Feminist Philosophy

HON 300Q/PHIL 382R: Honors Seminar - Racial Justice in the 21st Century

Discovery (First-Year) Seminar: Am I a Feminist?

Courses at James Madison University

GPHIL 101: Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 350: Philosophy of Feminism

Courses at Georgetown College

PHI 150: Basic Philosophy

PHI 152: Logic

PHI 315: Existentialism and Idealism

PHI 435: Contemporary Philosophy: Post-structuralism and Post-colonial theory

PHI 440: Independent Study in the Philosophy of Logic

FDN 112: Women and Philosophy